A Try Room for everybody, no matter an individual or a store. Join Dishylooks as an invidual, provide your face photo, body measurements to form your Virtual Body with your own face. Once a virtual body is formed, you will be able to try wearables such as clothes, Jewelry, Glasses etc on your own body and share with friends on DishyLooks and other social networks. As a business you will be able to offer a fressing room to your online client to try your wearables and share with their friends before they buy.
Virtual Try Room that helps to see, how wearables look on your body...
Virtual Try Room
Top 100 Investors
No. Name Investment Amount Shareholding Number of Shares
1Farhan Jamil1,500,000.00 US$15%150,000
2Muhammad Zulqarnian1,500,000.00 US$15%150,000
3Vannee Varojananuluck1,500,000.00 US$15%150,000
4Qaiser Afzal180,000.00 US$1.8%18,000
5Grant Moffat150,000.00 US$1.5%15,000
6James Moffat150,000.00 US$1.5%15,000
7Ali Raza Zulfi120,000.00 US$1.2%12,000
8Arman Ahmed120,000.00 US$1.2%12,000
9Muhammad Nauman Jamil120,000.00 US$1.2%12,000
10Sana Farhan72,000.00 US$0.72%7,200
11Babar Ali32,000.00 US$0.32%3,200
12haseeb ahmed32,000.00 US$0.32%3,200
13Hina Chaudhry32,000.00 US$0.32%3,200
14Muhammad Nauman Bashir32,000.00 US$0.32%3,200
15Muhammad Shahid32,000.00 US$0.32%3,200
16Waqas Pervaiz32,000.00 US$0.32%3,200
17Adeel Iftikhar24,000.00 US$0.24%2,400
18Mujtaba Haider Sherazi24,000.00 US$0.24%2,400
19Usman Afzal24,000.00 US$0.24%2,400
20Aasma Ashfaq16,000.00 US$0.16%1,600
21Saba Ashfaq16,000.00 US$0.16%1,600
22Sana Ashfaq16,000.00 US$0.16%1,600
23Shafia Zafar16,000.00 US$0.16%1,600
24Sufyan Ahmad16,000.00 US$0.16%1,600
25Tahira Ashraf16,000.00 US$0.16%1,600
26Usman Hashmi16,000.00 US$0.16%1,600
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