A Try Room for everybody, no matter an individual or a store. Join Dishylooks as an invidual, provide your face photo, body measurements to form your Virtual Body with your own face. Once a virtual body is formed, you will be able to try wearables such as clothes, Jewelry, Glasses etc on your own body and share with friends on DishyLooks and other social networks. As a business you will be able to offer a fressing room to your online client to try your wearables and share with their friends before they buy.
Virtual Try Room that helps to see, how wearables look on your body...
Virtual Try Room
About Us

Dishylooks is an online Try Room and social networking Engine that facilitates both buyers and Retailers.

Buyers get to have their own closet where:

  • They can add their own wearables to see which one looks better for which day , which occasion
  • They can search retailers internationally or in their own areas to try wearables on their own body-shapes with their own faces.
  • They get to maintain a friends/family list where they can try different wearables on body-shapes of their family/friends as per permissions set by family/friends and recommend them different dresses, wearables before they hit the shops
  • They get to wear different dresses on their own bodies and share them on social networks such as Facebook, Google + and others to get recommendations from their friends on the looks of the outfits they will buy
  • They get to select wearables from different retailers and buy them online or direct from retailers

Retailers get to have their complete online site with features such as:

  • Try Room --- Buyers can visit online site of a retailer and try dresses on their own body-shapes helping buyers to make an efficient and effective shopping decision
  • Online Payment enabled website --- Retailers can take orders online and deliver their products to their buyers at their doorstep
  • A well maintained , no cost website for an online presence
  • An in store Desktop application for their buyers to try wearables on their own bodies from within the retail outlet, giving buyers a unique experience to try different wearables in a Virtual Try Room within store before they start taking off their clothes.

Technology is developed and owned by:

  • BioAXS --- A Biometrics development and Integration Firm (Australia, Thailand, Pakistan)
  • University of Engineering and Technology --- Biometric Authentication and Image Processing Lab (Pakistan)
  • SPC Development Co. Ltd --- A Computer Hardware manufacturer and provider from Thailand
  • IPS Australia --- Project, Construction, Design and Fabrication Management Consultancy
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